Hawaiian Homeowners Choose to Outrun Lava Flows

photo: USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory
Hawaiians have many skills and talents that “mainlanders” will never have such as a taste for poi (and spam), surfing pipeline, and creating Niihau shell leis. You can now add outrunning lava flows to that list. Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcano’s, is waking up and recently destroyed a few abandoned homes. The nearby homeowners aren’t fazed by this and prefer lava flows to wildfires.

“It’s the safest place I’ve ever lived, safer than the mainland. They have forest fires over there that burn up 3,000 homes in Southern California,” said Thompson, who runs a bed and breakfast called the Lava House. “I’m here for the duration, whatever happens.” “It’s unique, but it’s very easy to outrun a lava flow”.
Shaka to that.

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