Home DIY & Design Twitters You Should Follow

If you’ve been reading C&H lately you’ll notice that we’ve become big advocates of Twitter which is the latest social network to gain mainstream traction. It operates like an open conversation and provides a bit of insight into friends, acquaintances, celebrities, as well as builders, designers, and house bloggers who all use the service.
Recently BUILDER started a great list of builders and Hanley Wood editors you should follow but we wanted to expand on that a bit and focus on designers, contractors, magazines and personalities in the DIY world that actively use Twitter and who we’ve benefited from following.

This is an open-ended list that we hope to add to weekly so please tweet us @Charles_Hudson with any additions to this list or let us know in the comments.
Bloggers – Twitterers
Media, Magazines, TV
Project Managers – Contractors – Builders – Services
Manufacturers – Retailers

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