Home Improvement Movie Showdown

It looks like ServiceMagic has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged our list of Top 10 Home Improvement Movies with a list of their own.
Understandably their list contains several of the same films as ours, but it’s the additions that make us really question their taste in Home Improvement movies. Let’s break it down.
Home Alone (C&H) vs. Revenge of the Nerds (ServiceMagic)
I’ll give Revenge of the Nerds a point because it was filmed at my Alma Mater (something all Wildcats should be proud of), but this week in particular, Home Alone remains a John Hughes masterpiece and launched the career of one of the most famous child actors of our generation. The House filmed in this movie is located in Winnetka near the shore of Lake Michigan and if we were to be stuck home alone we couldn’t think of a better place.
C&H 1 – SM 0
House of Sand and Fog (C&H) vs. Life as a House (ServiceMagic)
Two highly charged dramas with great performances but with 3 Oscar nominations the House of Sand and Fog wins hands down.
C&H 2 – SM 0
Field of Dreams (C&H) vs. Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (ServiceMagic)
We’ll call this a push. James Earl Jones was spectacular and Field of Dreams was nominated for 3 Oscars (including Best Picture), but Carey Grant is an icon.
C&H 2 – SM 0
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (C&H) vs. Mr. Mom (ServiceMagic)
We’re tempted to call this a tie but once again John Hughes delivers with two outstanding comedies. We watch the Griswold’s Christmas mayhem every year and although Michael Keaton’s performance as Jack (the role reversing husband) may have been ground-breaking for it’s time, the concept is clearly dated and not the timeless classic that is Christmas Vacation.
C&H 3 – SM 0

Made (C&H) vs. Hope Floats (ServiceMagic)
Both of these are too much of a reach to be considered but we’d much rather watch John Favreau and Vince Vaughn as construction workers instead of another awkward romantic comedy.
C&H 3 – SM 0
Poltergeist (C&H) vs. Multiplicity (ServiceMagic)
Did Michael Keaton’s publicist write this list for ServiceMagic? Just kidding, but this film features multiple versions of Keaton and we agree that this film is underrated and the completion of a house building project once again makes everything alright. Poltergeist may be one of the top scary house movies but Multiplicity saves ServiceMagic from laying a goose egg in this Home Improvement Movie Showdown.
C&H 3 – SM 1
Now that we’ve proven our list is hands down superior to ServiceMagic, please vote for who you think has compiled the best Top 10 List of Home Improvement Movies.

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