Home Improvement – There’s an App For That

It’s no secret that developers are clamoring to build the next great app for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Home Improvement retailers and service providers have also jumped into the game and are not only creating mobile versions of their websites but more user friendly and full-featured smart phone apps.
Here are a few of our favorites.
Knot Guide
Knot Guide NOW includes the following 84 knots, 72 of which are unique
Dream Home
Dream Home is here to bring you a wide range of design ideas for every room in your house. Keep up with the latest home design trends, browse through tons of quality images and draw inspiration from the works of the professional interior designers from around the globe.
Home Depot
Shopping, Tips, Video and How To
Considering a home improvement project? Want to get advice from experts and browse project photos to gather ideas for your next project? Try this app
Sonar Ruler
The Amazing New Sonar Ruler is an experimental app that uses echoes to measure distances with your iPhone! It sends a short pulse from the speaker and measures how long that pulse takes to bounce off of something and return to the phone. It then estimates how far away you are.

Project Quote Estimate
Are you a contractor that needs to quickly make quotes for your clients in the field? Or maybe you are starting a home landscaping or renovation project, and need a quick way to estimate costs and quantities? Well, now you can create a professional pdf quote** and email it to your clients or yourself on the spot.
Paint Estimate
Want to quickly know how much paint you need, and just how much it will cost?
Home Interior Ideas
Photos of home interiors for inspiration
What is the name of that guy who painted the basement five years ago? Who was it that my neighbor recommended to reseal my driveway? When was the last time I had the furnace serviced? What is the model number of the water filter for my refrigerator? Now you can track these things with MyContractors.
Window Shopping with Marvin Windows
The Window Shopping app is a tool to help homeowners plan basic designs for windows and doors, inside and outside the house.
The application includes the ‘wikiHow Survival Kit,’ a collection of articles to get you through life’s most difficult situations. Includes articles on first aid such as CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, treating burns and bleeding. It also contains wilderness life-savers like how to build a fire or find North without a compass.

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