Home Security Guide for Renters

Home security is typically a top priority for homeowners, and renters are urged to take similar precautions to protect their rental property and personal possessions. Depending on the type of building and your landlord’s specifications, you may not be able to install state-of-the-art security systems or other wired devices.

Even so, the experts of Do It Yourself compiled a brief checklist that you should consult when moving into your rental home, including a thorough examination of door and window locks and the purchase of renter’s insurance, a typically inexpensive way to protect your surroundings and belongings in numerous scenarios.
Many rental companies and landlords are now requiring renter’s insurance, so check with your specific property manager for details.
You may also want to consider joining a neighborhood watch organization or even befriending a few neighbors. It’s reassuring to have several pairs of eyes on your place if you’re traveling in case any suspicious behavior arises. And as an added courtesy, offer to do the same for your neighbors when they’re away from home. Peace of mind, after all, is priceless!

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