Home Star – Cash for Caulkers is a Go!

It’s official the Cash for Caulkers program is a go. Today while speaking at the Brookings Institute, President Obama announced that new spending is required to give the economy another push. The new plan would cut taxes on small businesses, increase spending on infrastructure and offer new rebates to reward energy efficiency.
The plan would include a so-called Cash for Caulkers incentive program that would provide rebates for consumers who make energy-efficient retrofits on their homes. The official name is Home Star taking a cue from energy efficient appliances, Energy Star.
All the mainstream media news outlets are finally taking notice of this story and we chatted with a rep from Neil Cavuto’s show on Fox today who was interested in our take on the Cash for Caulkers program and how it will effect “Joe the Plumber”.
Let’s hope this program raises awareness for energy efficiency in homes. Even without this program there are many techniques you can apply to your home to save energy and money.

A search for energy pulls up a lot of great tips and techniques for winterizing and save.
photo: acaaron816

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