House Blog Highlight: A House By The Park

Seattle, one of our favorite (and we feel most underrated) cities in the world, has an enormous amount of interesting homes and a plethora of DIY resources. From luxury houseboats to modern and modest bungalows there are homes of every taste and many are gorgeous and green.
There also plenty of house bloggers in Seattle that chronicle their home improvement projects or builds and one of the most compelling to read and look at is A House By The Park. The homeowner is building his dream home 10 minutes from Seattle and in his words is “sustainable, energy-efficient, capturing the full potential of the property without spending an arm and a leg.”
We love the live web cam and the time lapse feature is fun to look through. The live cams we had setup at This Old House were always the most popular house project feature and its great to see a house blogger implement the same.

Some of our favorite posts from A House By The Park:
Choosing a deck surface
Pocket door selection
Well done Mike, thanks for sharing your journey.

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