How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

You may have picked out your lavatory faucets, clawfoot tub, and subway tile, but beyond those luxury items do you really know how much your bathroom remodel will cost?
Remodeling a bathroom costs, on average, $7,000 to $25,000. The first step in creating your budget is to have a bath project in mind. This means are you going top of the line on fixtures and changing the layout or working with with you have?
Project costs also vary by region and the professionals you hire and the cost of materials in your area can vary greatly from the national average.
Keep an eye on extras. You may have the right look with a high-end product but sometimes extras are thrown in that you don’t want.

Bathroom Sinks
Basic: $50-$100
Mid-range: $150-$400
High-end: $400+
Sink Faucets
Basic: $60-$100
Mid-range: $100-$300
High-end: $300-$100
Basic: $100-$200
Mid-range: $100-$300
High-end: $400-$3,000
Bathtubs and Jetbaths
Basic: $100-$150
Mid-range: $150-700
High-end: $700-$5,000+

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