How Much Paint Do You Need?

calculating-paint-room.jpgBefore painting a room or a wall you need to determine how much paint you will need. We always go with just a bit more as it’s always frustrating to return to the hardware store for more paint that you hope they still have or that they are still open in the middle of the night when you finish your project. It’s also handy to have a little extra paint to cover drywall patches or nail holes.
1. Measure the length of the wall in feet.
2. Measure the height of the wall in feet.
3. Multiply the length times the height to get the square footage of wall area.
A gallon of paint will cover roughly 400 square feet. Make note that if you need two coats then double the amount of paint needed.

You should also take into account windows and doors and determine their square footage and subtract that from your total. If you don’t want to mess with the math then check out this paint calculator from True Value and just enter your specs and hit go.
photo: chris.corwin

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