How to Care for Terrazo Flooring

terrazo-flooring-care.jpgThere are many benefits to terrazo flooring but before you choose it as a surface make sure you know what it takes to install and care for it.
Terrazo flooring is a complex installation process, most often done by professional flooring experts. But once it is installed properly, it can be remarkably easy to care for and clean, depending on the type of terrazo flooring you have.
Traditional terrazzo flooring, as used in an older or historic home, is likely very porous and absorbs stains easily. More modern terrazzo flooring, the kind installed today is usually made with stain resistant resins. It should also be sealed with a penetrating sealant that helps blocks stains.
Frequently sweeping terrazzo flooring free of soil and debris that act as abrasives and wear down the sealant is important to avoid staining. Because terrazzo stains quickly, removing spills as soon as they occur will make major cleaning jobs much easier.
Many cleansers and floor cleaners often contain either acidic or alkaline components and are too harsh for terrazzo flooring. Oil-based cleansers and sealers will stain terrazzo floors, so be sure to avoid them as well.

Instead, look for a commercial cleaning agent designed especially for terrazzo flooring that has a neutral composition and combine it in a 1:3 ratio with water, or follow the instructions.
Once mixed, keep the floor well saturated with water to prevent the soil from re-adhering to the terrazzo flooring, and prevent “mop lines.” Keep mopping until you have removed all the soil and the water on the floor is clean. Dry the floor and use a buffer to restore the sheen of your terrazzo flooring.
photo: reitveld

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