How To Disguise a Litter Box

If you’re a cat owner like me, then litter boxes just may be the bane of your existence. I didn’t so much mind it when I lived in a three-bedroom apartment, but after relocating to a downtown Kansas City loft last summer, I found myself with a predicament: minimal storage and cabinet space + no walls = no litter box hidey hole.
For now, it’s perched to the side of our stacked washer/dryer, somewhat hidden from view. And even though I bought a newer, sleeker box, it still screams “THIS IS WHERE MY CATS DO THEIR BUSINESS! RIGHT HERE IN PLAIN SIGHT!”
I turned to my friend Google for a possible remedy, and lo and behold, a plethora of options await. I’ve compiled a few in case you, like me, are looking for a similar fix.

Lifehacker suggests modifying a piece of furniture to allow for concealment, and the brilliant minds at ikea hacker have several options for transforming Ikea pieces into stealth litter boxes.
A quick perusal of the comments shows a divided opinion on this litter box-planter hybrid, but it may be the ideal solution for someone who prefers not to construct a piece of furniture. Decisions, decisions!
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