How To Have a Green Party

Make sure that all your upcoming celebratory gatherings are green as can be, whether you are the host or the guest. Keep the following tips in mind and look for more by Googling “eco-friendly party”
When you think of parties, you think of presents, whether you get or give gifts. If you are giving gifts, shop sites that have eco-friendly trinkets, like, or But keep in mind that the greenest gives you can give are the ones that are “re-gifted.” If you make the re-gift thoughtful, it’s not as tacky as it sounds, like giving your sister the sweater she always wanted to borrow when you were both younger. Re-gifting is also a good way to save money. And by using gift bags, especially the non-paper variety, rather than wrapping paper, the packaging is more likely to be reused and not end up in a landfill, making your gift green from the inside out.
Try to use as few paper products as possible, from the e-vites you send in place of paper invitations to the napkins you use at the party. Use “real” dishes and silverware in place of plastic and paper and save the world from global warming.
Dine by candlelight to save electricity. Make sure the candles you use are natural-based, with soy or beeswax so that they don’t emit toxic fumes and smoke like petroleum-based paraffin candles.
Decorate with plants and flowers that can double as party favors for your guests.

Buy local and organic foodstuffs for your green-themed party.
Make sure that you provide a recycling bin in addition to the trash bag made of biodegradable plastic.
And when the party’s over, clean up green: use ingredients like vinegar and lemon juice or a green store-bought cleansing product to clean and disinfect your place after the guests have gone. (And before they arrive too, nothing like having an icky bathroom to ensure that it will be the last party you ever throw.) And if you use paper towels, rather than more environmentally friendly cloth rags, make sure they are made of recycled paper.
Keeping these tips in mind will help ensure that the mess you make having your celebration doesn’t make a mess for the planet.

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