How to Plan: Kitchen Remodel, Part Three

I was so impressed by the proactive approach used in the Melnick/Burton kitchen remodel that I could not let the series end without getting some general pointers from Steven (listed here, in his own words):
1. Design it yourself and design it for yourself (but show your plans to anyone whose opinion you value). Ask yourself questions…how (and what) does my family eat? More fresh foods? Consider a bigger refrigerator. Fewer packaged goods? Reduce the pantry space.
2. Spend time in kitchen showrooms. See their ideas, ask lots of questions, and take lots of notes. Our solution for hiding under-counter lighting came from a last minute visit to a European kitchen showroom. In fact, many of our ideas came from European kitchen showrooms. They know how to maximize efficiency in modest spaces and do it with style.

3. Don’t forget about storage. Kitchens with open shelves rather than cabinets look great in magazines, but don’t necessarily make sense if you need lots of storage.
4. Maintain the general footprint of your original kitchen to save money on plumbing and electrical. However, look for opportunities to improve upon what you had. Sometimes moving a sink just a few inches will change the rhythm of the whole space.
5. Measure, measure, and measure again, and then ask someone else to check your numbers. Every inch counts; in fact, every quarter-inch counts.
6. Save money by taking your time. The more time you have to source a product, the better chance you have to find what you want at a price you’re willing to pay.

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