IBS 2010 Here We Come!

CES 2010 was awesome! Seeing the emergence of 3D technologies was breathtaking and checking out home security advancements and personal protection was also very interesting.
But the show we’ve really been waiting for is the International Builders’ Show, better known as IBS. We’ve covered this show since 2006 and this year’s show promises to be one of the biggest in spite of this past years recession. The home buying index is creeping up and consumers continue to spend on remodels and home improvement projects.
What trends are we most looking forward to seeing?
Green Building
Advancements in green building materials, tools and technologies continue to get better and more affordable.
Advanced Architecture
New materials and construction techniques are pushing the envelope on what architects can conceive. There will be plenty of innovative designs to check out.
Sustainable prefab homes should be a viable choice for every new home owner. We hope to see the latest and greatest.

Innovative Technology
Tech takes leaps and bounds every year and some manufacturers put this into their products which makes for spectacular new appliances and tools.
Cool Stuff
We want to see blow your mind tools and products!
Any tool, product or material you’d like us to check out? Let us know in the comments.

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