Inspect Your Deck

The weather’s heating up and you’re primed for a summer BBQ on the deck with family and friends. But before you send out the evites for your memorial day bash, you should inspect your deck. There are five warning signs you should look out for.

Loose connections (for example, a wobbly railing), missing connections (for example, the deck is just nailed, rather than bolted or screwed, to the side of the house), corrosion, rot and cracks. The two critical areas that typically contribute to a deck collapse are the railings and the deck’s connection to the house.
Thoroughly check over all structural connectors and fasteners (like nails and screws) and if you are unsure about a decks origins and construction bring in a professional who can evaluate it properly. Here’s a good checklist for your deck as well as a structural deck framing connection guide from Simpson Strong-Tie.
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[via AOL Real Estate]

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