Install a Programmable Thermostat and Save Energy and Money

Our old house has a gas floor heater and no air-conditioning (it’s always 75 in sunny Southern California). The thermostat seemed almost as old as the house and we’re not to sure it registered temperature correctly anymore so we just used it as an off/on switch which is inefficient and costly.
We decided that a programmable thermostat would be needed and would save us on our gas bill as well as not waste as much energy when we don’t need it on.
That’s when Trane stepped in to let us test out their XL800 Programmable Thermostat. It works with all types of heating and cooling units including gas and electric. There are four programmable settings that for different temps for day, night, wake and sleep. We only have a heater so setup and wiring was a cinch.
Here are the basics to installing a programmable thermostat.

First shut off the power from the breaker for the current thermostat. Thermostats operate on low-voltage but you want to avoid shorts and it’s always better to be safe.
Remove the old thermostat. If you see screws attaching the cover remove those otherwise many of them just snap off.

There will be 2-4 screws holding the baseplate to the wall. Remove those screws then make note of the wiring before detaching them from the old baseplate.

Attach the wires to the baseplate of the new thermostat. Follow your manufacturers directions as carefully as possible.
Install by snapping or screwing on thermostat to baseplate. Before using thermostat make sure it’s setup for your type of HVAC system and test thoroughly.
Enjoy your set it and forget it thermostat as well as your lower gas bill.
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