Is Bluwood the New Green?

For maximum protection against mold and termite damage, treated lumber is generally seen as the way to go. But ACQ or green treated wood cannot be used inside the home.
Enter Bluwood lumber, the newest thing in rot and pest resistance. This product can be used for nearly all indoor and outdoor applications (although the bright blue color may make it less popular on a wood deck).
Using a two part treatment system, Bluwood starts with what they call an “Infusion Film” that bonds with the wood fiber and forms a water repellent barrier. This controls moisture and the ensuing mold is prevented with the specially treated film.

Then Bluwood lumber utilizes the DOT treatment process to resist decay and termite attack.
It’s important to note that Bluwood claims the treated lumber will take any stain or paint application, so you won’t have to live with the color.
It’s also good to hear that the fiber-bonding film will control moisture so well that cracking, warping and splitting should be reduced. Great news for exterior uses and interior framing that’s exposed to the elements for any length of time.
So will homeowners want this new product? Time will tell. The technology seems sound and the factory treatment method eliminates mistakes and extra work in your backyard. Bright blue seems a bold choice, but it does make the product stand out in the lumber store.
What do you think? Is Bluwood lumber going to be the new green, reducing rot and making lumber resources last for years longer?
photo courtesy of the Bluwood website

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