Keep Your Appliances Running a Long Time

In a follow up to finding an appliance repairman, here are some suggestions from for maximizing the effective life of your appliances as well as how best to work with your appliance technician when they are troubleshooting your equipment.

Some of their best advice includes:
* Exercise preventative maintenance. Keep a thermometer in the fridge and observe the operating temperatures and then glance at it from time to time. Get your dryer cleaned every two years or so. Maintenance work (such as a dryer cleaning) is a good way to meet appliance techs and prevent lint fires.
* Watch the appliance tech work and ask plenty of questions. A great one “where did you learn to do this?” or “how long have you been doing this?”
* Never ever never leave an appliance running while you are asleep or away from home. The stories we could tell… (like the one about the woman who stuffed a load of laundry in her brand new washer and left town for several days. Before she was out of her driveway, the water level switch had failed and the washer began to overflow…)
* When the repair is done, ask for the old parts and ask how and why they failed. Most appliance techs are happy to explain the what and why of their work.
* Unfortunately, there is no standard of excellence [currently] for the appliance repair industry. In automotive repairs, an ASE [Automotive Service Excellence}certification indicates the tech has attained a certain level of expertise. There have been attempts to establish certification standards for appliance techs in years past, but none are in place now.

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