Kitchen of Many Colors

When it comes to appliances, how colorful would you go? I grew up in a kitchen that had a mustard yellow stove before it was chucked in lieu of something a bit more modern. You might regret this decision down the line, but it looks like the colorful appliance trend is back.
BlueStar prostyle ranges now offers 190 colors in their 30″ model. I’m actually a little smitten with the kelly green (shown above).

Dacor’s 24″ Preference microwave comes in six different hues. Bonus: this model also has a built-in recipe book.
mojo fridge.jpg
The prize goes to Amana for their crazy array of different colors and patterns. They can’t choose which one to unveil first so they’re asking people to vote here for their pick. They’ll even give you a personality quiz based on what color your like best.

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