Learn How to Fake It On the Patio

stamped concrete.jpg
When is a fake better than the real thing? It’s debatable, but if the impostor looks and feels like the genuine article, does it really matter?
We’re talking about patios here, so focus.
Stamped concrete is a sought after finish in the backyard. Extremely durable and low maintenance, it also helps that concrete patios can mimic tons of other stones when stamped.
Looking for the appearance of cobblestone with none of the heaving that comes with it? Want geometrical patterns but not the weeds that grow up between the bricks?
Get yourself a faker.

Stamped concrete has all of the same quality and features of dreary, sidewalk-type poured pads. They’re laid on a level base with proper drainage. Frost will have little effect on them, they can be cleared of the snow easily and they feel nice on your bare feet.
The difference is that stamped concrete looks… well, much better than a sidewalk. You can choose from different colors and pigments, as well as a wide variety of patterns and stamps.
Cobblestone, bricks and flagstone can be done. Want wood without splinters? There are even concrete patios stamped and colored to look like wooden decks. How’s that for a disguise?
Prepare to pay for this type of patio, but you will likely never need to replace it or do any major repairs if it’s done properly.
If your lawn is rolling and a pain to level, you may be better off sticking to smaller stones laid in the traditional way. But if you can swing it, pouring out a concrete patio and stamping your preferred finish on it can be better than the real thing.
Fraud? Phony? Impostor? Nah. Faking it never felt this good.
photo courtesy of Joe Calhoun – flickr/joe calhoun

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