Learning the Language of DIY

Beyond learning the step-by-step to hang an interior door, how did you gain the confidence to handle a drill and learn the skills to choose the proper bit? The fundamentals of do-it-yourself start with the confidence it takes tackle a project and the willingness to learn as you go. Those attributes are necessary throughout your hands-on house career and are also valuable in everyday life.

Jeanne from House in Progress inspired this post and she shares her experiences and influences as a budding do-it-yourselfer. Who motivated you to take your home improvement projects into your own hands?

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  • cynthia stone

    I’m pretty much self-taught. Dad kept me away from tools but living on my own changed that. Financial situations can dictate DIY prowess as I know I just can’t always pay the pros.

  • Jim

    I’ve been lucky to have always had a friend or two in the midsts of a DIY project since I can remember. I would always offer to be that cheap labor and help out so when I had my own place I could take those skills (and many owed favors) into my house and really get that sweat equity back.

  • TTF

    I am very lucky – I was raised in the masonry trade, so I have a lot of basic construction expereince. From there, some research, confidence and the right tools have made almost any DIY project possible.

  • max m.

    My parents are and always will be my greatest source of confidence. I know this may be a unique situation but I’ve been fortunate to have them.