Low Water Pressure Sucks!

American’s have become used to expecting a strong stream of water from our faucets and shower heads. Thanks to larger diameter plumbing and high-pressure water pumps, the stream that flows into American homes is one of the highest in terms of gallons-per-second. Unlike our European or Asian counterparts who deal with older and less modern plumbing systems as well as more urban environments that put a higher demand on each water source, American’s typically enjoy baths and high water pressure that other parts of the world do not.
In an age of water conservation the rise of high pressure yet low stream kitchen and bath products have become popular. The technology behind shower heads that feel as if they are delivering strong streams of water but really use much less is interesting. Many shower heads use a combination of water constriction and air injection to provide a shower with a strong stream but using less water.

It will be tough to break away from our demand of high water pressure on tap. This is a modern luxury that we typically take for granted and when our stream becomes a trickle we have issues.
Keep buying the low pressure shower heads but when low-water pressure becomes a big problem learn how to diagnose and fix-it.

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