Macerating Toilets Make a Half-Bath Possible

Adding a half-bath is almost always a great idea. Typically they are located in areas for convenience and are also chosen for high-traffic areas in your home. But as families grow and areas of your home evolve we encounter issues with installing half-baths because they weren’t selected in original house plans and therefore plumbing and venting was not considered in the area where you most likely want to place them.

Europeans have long dealt with older homes that have limited plumbing and from this Saniflo was born. Long known for their macerating toilets, toilets that don’t require traditional plumbing and have a built-in or nearby macerator and pump that grinds up waste and pumps it away and back into your sewer system, Saniflo is has been making inroads into the American home market and many homeowners who are short on time and budget are opting for one of these types of toilets. Because there are no walls to tear into or floors to pull up the impact on time and expense for installing a half-bath is lessened and the possibilities are expanded (although you may wish to hide the macerator behind a wall but they are nice enough looking to be out in the open as well).
But these pumps also work for sinks, showers, dishwashers, and washing machines. They are better for the environment as they use less water and can be placed almost anywhere. Just be certain your bathroom or kitchen appliance can function with this type of pump and water supply.

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