Maintain a Green Lawn or the Grass Nazi Will Get You

We caught this week’s episode of Penn & Teller: Bullshit! in which they dive into the American fascination with lawns. We thought it appropriate to share this with you since we recently highlighted artificial lawns (which Penn & Teller show aren’t totally maintenance free).
Beyond the ridiculous HOA restrictions that some homeowners must deal with in regards to maintaining a proper lawn, the environment and health concerns for maintaining a lawn are raised. The D-4 poison is a major active ingredient in many lawn care products and was used in Agent Orange during Vietnam. D-4 has been known to cause cancer and is definitely nasty stuff. But this is still spread across lawns throughout the country with no thought of the harm it is doing to ourselves or the environment.
If you are going to maintain a lawn like many of us still do then please consider a responsible way to do this.
Lawns are Bullshit! video

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