Maintaining Granite Countertops: Polyester and Permanent Ink

Granite countertops are a beautiful and versatile material for kitchens and baths, but even stone surfaces will develop visible wear and damage over time.
Homeowners can perform preventative care for stone countertops, and, when an unsightly chip or scratch appears, even some repairs and patches. Hiring a professional isn’t always necessary for these repairs, and with a little investment, the often greater expense of calling a granite repair service can be avoided all together for most issues.
First, sealing the stone regularly is a “must” to prevent stains and scratches. All kinds of options exist for sealing granite, but most homeowners simply purchase a common stone sealer like those found at a hardware store. Follow the application guidelines on the sealer bottle.
Small cracks and split seams can be filled and strengthened. This requires getting a hold of polyester and/or acrylic adhesive (each with activator). Use liquid acrylic for small cracks and knife grade polyester glue for wider seams. Polyester color kits are used to match the glue color to the stone.
As a temporary, cosmetic fix, one industry secret for covering up small chips and cracks is to use a good old permanent marker. Find one that matches the darker spots in the stone and use a finger to smudge the ink in, breaking up the pattern of the crack or chip. This can be covered with some clear nail polish or acrylic if available.

For dull edges, heavy wear, and larger breaks, bold granite owners can invest in a grinder and diamond polishing pads for a permanent fix.
The overhead for the tools is the biggest drawback here, since learning to polish stone can be done with just a little practice on test material, and is actually pretty fun. Most stone workers use Milwaukee and Makita brand grinders.
On last “hold-ya-over” fix for a dull edge is the application of a little wax: clear for lighter stone, and black for darker stone. Buffing some wax in by hand (before sealing) will help keep that edge shiny for quite some time.
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photo: Gary J Wood

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