Make Your Own Candles or go with Candle Sleeves

Fall is always a great time to bring out the candles. The warm flicker softens any room or outdoor area. ShelterPop highlights some make your own candle projects and our favorite are these diy hanging lanterns from Craftynest.

If you want to take things a step further you can decorate your candlesticks with patterned sleeves from Kaarskoker. They also offer candle sleeve covers which consist of tubing that covers a socket on a fixture and slip over the socket of chandeliers, lamps and sconces. Combined with a bulb, they suggest a real candle.
They’ve got over 80 patterns to choose from and this would be an easy diy project to redecorate a room especially for the holidays. We are digging on these skull patterned sleeves for Halloween and their Christmas selections are very festive.

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