Mirrors On The Ceiling?

I have a confession to make. I have long since loved the mirrored-anything trend that I’m sure has jumped the shark by now. I just love how a mirrored piece of furniture can accent nearly any decor scheme while adding sparkle and shine to a room in unexpected ways. And mirrored accessories are like the silvery icing on the cake — just the right hint of whimsy and Art Deco charm that make nearly any space feel ready for an impromptu cocktail party.
I have another confession: I’m totally planning on putting mirror tiles on my ceiling in my dining room. I’ve been planning it since we moved into this house, and once we get our bedroom more situated (so we can move all the various bits of furniture out of the dining room to their rightful places) and another coat of paint up, I have a date with a ladder and some IKEA mirror tiles.

I think mirrored ceilings get a bad rap. Admittedly, when you think of a mirrored ceiling, visions of seedy Vegas hotels and bad adult films come to mind, and trust, I wouldn’t dream of putting one up in my bedroom. The last thing I want to see first thing in the morning is what I look like as I wake up every day. I’d like to be able to pull my hair back before I have to witness that atrocity, thanks.
But my plan for my dining room has always been to paint it a dark color, then to tile mirrors around the modest, centralized chandelier to help the ambiance of the space — to kind of get that refracted candle-like glow without the open flame (always a problem with cats and babies). I plan on finishing the edges with some trim to give it a more dignified, refined look. And once I saw Christina Aguilera’s take on the same concept — albeit a smidge more flashy than the look I’m going for — I knew I wasn’t insane for thinking this could work.
However, I’m having a problem figuring out how to adhere my tiles to the ceiling, so I’m turning to you for suggestions.
I’ve searched the web for solutions — and they haven’t been very helpful. Some places suggest doing it like tile, complete with backerboard and tile adhesive, which while sounding secure, sounds backbreaking. I’ve read some suggestions for a mirror mastic, but that’s mostly in reference to putting mirrors on walls in bathrooms. And, scarily enough, a couple of places have said that using poster-mount tape should do the trick just fine, but to watch out for when the tiles get loose.
What do you all wonderful, intelligent, resourceful readers think would be the best solution? Let me know in the comments, because I’d really like to make sure my ceiling doesn’t accidentally injure a future dinner guest.
Photo: tawalker

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