Modern Day Mountain Cabins

Mountain cabins are no longer limited to  log-style architecture. Many areas are now seeing a large increase in contemporary and modern day type of mountain cabins.

All of these cabins feature building materials that have been reused and the environmental impact to their surroundings is minimized by using resources gathered from clearing the land the cabin is on.


There are some amazing books available on modern mountain cabins, many of which are now being built with many green features which make them particularly attractive in remote areas where utilities are difficult to access.


One of the fastest ways to build a modern mountain cabin is to buy a piece of land and build a modern prefab house on it. The permits can sometimes take the longest as well as setting up water and power but many prefabs can be built with self-sustaining features such as solar panels and wind power and you can always dig your own well.




The allure of building a modern home in the middle of nowhere is a strong one and we really love the look of these contemporary homes that are set deep amongst nature.

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