Monitor Your Residence While You’re Home and Away with SAGE by Hughes

UPDATE: Sage by Hughes is no longer available.

We’re always on the lookout for home security systems that provide excellent service and don’t cost a bundle. SAGE by Hughes has introduced a home monitoring system that comes with everything you need to keep an eye on your home, at an affordable price. This video from SAGE by Hughes, does a great job explaining what the system is and why it’s beneficial to you.

Every home has multiple entry points which makes it impossible to monitor all of them at once. These doors and windows can be seen as ways for intruders to access your home, but monitoring these areas can also notify you if children or friends and family have come and gone. We believe that the more information you have about your home, the better off you are.

SAGE Security Kit

It’s easy to start out with a SAGE by Hughes system by ordering a kit online. There are three kits to choose from, but we recommend the SAGE security kit. The items included in this kit will notify you when someone’s at the door and can provide live video on your TV or mobile device. It can also monitor your baby, get motion alerts, and capture video evidence of intruders.

We started with the security kit when setting up our system and added a few more door/window sensors and a couple outdoor cameras, which can be easily added via their online store.



The SAGE system setup was surprisingly simple. It’s a web-based system, but instead of setting it up via a web browser, the hub is integrated into your home entertainment system and you initialize it using your home internet connection, television, and a separate remote. New sensors and cameras are added this way and your TV is used as a central monitoring system. It makes sense to view your cameras from your television, and the remote makes it easy to switch from live TV to the SAGE system.

The door and window sensors are setup similarly to most other DIY home security systems. The sensor and magnet are attached next to each other on the window and frame, and when the window is shut SAGE recognizes this, but when the window is open SAGE will alert you.


The cameras and motion sensors can be installed into the wall or stand alone on a shelf. One of the best features of the entire system is the motion sensor won’t trip if you have pets. A tab blocks the lower area of the motion sensor so movement on the floor won’t constantly trip the sensor. If you don’t have pets and want to monitor the entire room you can simply remove the tab.


The doorbell monitor is easily wired into your existing bell and it installs conveniently next to it. Installing the cameras requires a drill, but otherwise no tools are needed to set up the system. This DIY system cuts out the professional installer, so there are no extra installation fees when you want to add new components, and the process of doing it yourself is simple and straight-forward.


Once your hub is on, activated, and paired with a few devices , it is immediately monitoring your home. You can access all parts of the system via the SAGE app and set up mobile alerts when any sensor or camera is tripped.

Premium Services

Investing in the SAGE equipment is a one-time cost, but if you’d like to store video in the cloud, playback video, and download video, you need to subscribe to a service level. These are reasonable from $5-$24 per month. Another premium service is the “MyLocal911”. If you see a crime taking place, the “MyLocal911” button in the app will notify local authorities which is very helpful when you are outside of your home area.

SAGE Works With Nest

SAGE has recently been certified as a “Works with Nest” product. If you’ve got the Nest thermostat, Nest camera, or Nest smoke detector, you can add it to the SAGE system and monitor it just like any other SAGE product. It’s smart for SAGE to align themselves with Nest which is already in thousands of homes and has a stellar reputation.

We’re excited about spending the summer using our SAGE home security system and we’ll follow up in a few weeks with a review on our day-to-day experiences with SAGE.


This article is sponsored by SAGE by Hughes who provided product for review, but the opinions expressed are those of Timothy Dahl and Charles and Hudson LLC.

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