My Dirty DIY Secret: Spray Paint

Whenever the weather gets warmer and there’s a couple of clear-skied hours in the forecast, I get an itch that only one thing can scratch.
A can of spray paint.
I have a love affair with spray paint. And not in a weird, huffing illegal substances kind of way, nor am I inexplicably drawn to graffitti. Oh no, I shamelessly spray paint things for my house.

It all started when we first bought our house, with this chandelier:
The thing you can’t see in this picture is the DEAD FLIES TRAPPED IN THE ARMS of the actually quite cheap plastic light fixture. After one brief encounter with a home-improvement show, I got the bright idea to spray paint the chandelier to make it still usable in my home. So for about $6, I picked up some primer and some metallic spray paint and the result now looks like this:
I had been hoping for more of a shiny metallic look, but the brushed silver was successful enough that MORE SPRAY PAINT became the underlying motto of my home reno and decor projects.
To date, I’ve tackled ugly ceiling fan blades with laquered white; decorative wood brackets for my tiled faux-mantle with glossy black; my son’s garage sale cradle with satin black; a wooden chest for a friend’s wedding became cream with golden shimmer; two night stands and their decorative accents also with satin black; a ceramic photo frame with glossy lime green; and that ceiling medallion above the chandelier in the before photo — it’s now high gloss black.
And those are the things I can just think of off the top of my head, and don’t count the projects I’m still waiting on acquiring the paint for.
Spray painting is just the quickest, easiest way I can think of to quickly transform an item with minimal clean-up and maximum color coverage. There are so many choices now with color palettes, finishes and techniques that you really can get nearly every look you want for under $10. And sure, maybe there’s something slightly subversive about just pressing a nozzle and coating an item in a maelstrom of color, but you know, we all have to get our kicks somehow — and sometimes you don’t have the time (or patience) for endless hand-painted coats of primer, paint, and sealant to complete your project.
Of course, if you’re going to spray paint something, you should always work in a well-ventilated area with proper eye, mouth, and hand protective gear and make sure to leave your projects somewhere safe from the elements (and the curious noses of animals or fingers of babies). And when you’ve exhausted the limits of your $4 bottle of joy, make sure you dispose of it properly within your trash disposal guidelines.
But what I really want to know is — what’s your best spray paint story? Have a horrible mishap? Or paint something no one would ever guess came from an aerosol can? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share pictures if you have them!
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