My Kitchen Design is All Set…Think Again!

Our ongoing series from kitchen designer Cheryl Clendenon continues as she answers this common question.
“I have already thought everything through and won’t have any decisions to make”
If you are someone with design knowledge or your architect, if you have one, has already walked through every detail with you, then great. In my experience, this is a fantasy people like to tell themselves.
Make no mistake, there are a plethora of decisions that will come up that are not finalized…or job site conditions dictate changes. The one thing I hear constantly from clients is “I am so happy I have you there to explain what this or that means or help me make sense of a particular decision that must be made”.

You will be called on to make decisions that will be a permanent part of your home. And remember one important fact, delays cost money. A knowledgeable designer who understands the building process can save you time and in turn, money.
photo: Cheryl Clendenon

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