MyDeco Makes a Splash

As the do-it-yourself design boom has proliferated on TV and in magazines, so have online virtual room planners. We reviewed the top virtual room planners from last year, many of which are very effective in providing you with inspiration for designing your own room. As internet technologies advance so have the engines and design behind these room planners which have progressed with more detail and sophistication.
But there is a new challenger to these virtual room planners that comes to us from across the pond. bills itself as a “furniture fix for the decorati” which is an apt description considering the top flight designers and retailers who have partnered with them.

MyDeco boasts over 500 retail partners which have provided thousands of home decor products and furnishings to their virtual room planner database. After you’ve locked in your design you have the option of purchasing these products direct from the retailer.
MyDeco is more than just a virtual room planner. There is an editorial component to the site called “The Magazine” that features design guides and celebrity home news, as well as a fairly robust community of bloggers, designers, and decorators who share their own tips and rooms they’ve designed.
We’re not sure how many US retailers are on board with the site but we foresee MyDeco expanding beyond the UK which would be favorable for us Yanks considering the high shipping costs for some of the products currently only available from overseas suppliers.
Check out the site, add us as a friend, and let us know what you think.

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