New Bloggers: Meredith and Katy

It’s been a busy week here at C&H. The DIY Maven guest blogged and featured some great articles and we’ve added a few more regular contributors who are going to provide even more home improvement and do-it-yourself content then we’ve ever had! But I want to introduce a couple of writers who have already been a great addition to our team, Meredith Clinton and Katy Ryan.

Meredith is a Boston native and recent graduate of Fairfield University. She has a keen eye for design but has penned posts ranging from build it yourself retaining walls to the tear down vs. remodel debate. Although she resides in NYC she remains a fervent Red Sox fan but we won’t hold that against her.
Katy contributes from Kansas City and brings some Midwest sensibility to our team. When she’s not reading one of a hundred different home/shelter magazines she subscribes to, you’ll find her running three magazines, writing for C&H, or staying on top of her own blog. We look forward to more of her discoveries such as Straw Sticks and Bricks and Wild and Wolf Tools.
As always, feel free to comment on any of their posts (you’ll see their names in the tags), they’d love to see your feedback as would the rest of our readers.

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