Ninja Spray Painting Techniques

Today is skill #3 that he wants to pass along to his kids from Deren S. Monday.
It seems like I am always spraying something around the house. Paint, primer, lacquer, etc… And it seems like each time I do, I feel a bit silly. Why? Because my Dad taught me what I affectionately refer to as Ninja spraying techniques.
A Ninja is graceful, low to the ground as he moves, fluid in movement and deadly in purpose, calm and quiet as he goes in for the kill. Well, this is how you should spray.
1. Crouch down low.
2. Get on the same horizontal plane as the surface you are spraying.
3. Start your hand movement before starting the stream of spray.
4. Gracefully coat back and forth, applying an even coat of the material to the surface.
5. At the end of a spray cycle, keep your hand moving even after you stop the spray stream.

Imagine you are conducting a secret Ninja orchestra and the spray tip is that thing the conductors have in their hand that no one knows the name of and no one is really sure what purpose it serves.
Spray like a Ninja, folks…
Deren S. Monday has spent over a decade in the residential and commercial construction industry, and is a graduate of the Construction Management Department at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. He is thankful his father has some great years ahead… Deren is the author of Your Cheap Kitchen Remodel: A Guide to Your Affordable Dream Kitchen.

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