NKBA Offers Kitchen Design Workbook

Although kitchen renovations typically introduce a unique set of concerns, including appliance placement, countertop and storage space and overall functionality, DIY projects occurring in this area of the home should begin like all others: with careful and thorough planning.
As you embark on your kitchen renovation adventure, start your planning process by downloading a free copy of the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s kitchen design workbook. The 20-page PDF document is packed with information, tips and suggestions, including ideal measurements, appliance placement and popular decorating styles.

The workbook also covers bathroom projects and offers other pertinent information including tips on sticking with a budget, frequently asked questions and planning sheets on which you can note specifics, make sketches and store other notes.
What are your other must-have sources as you begin a project? Do you prefer to sketch out ideas, or clip inspiration and tips from magazines and brochures?
Photo courtesy of NKBA

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