Nursery Needs: Decisions and Doing

photo: hownowdesign
Pregnancy has an interesting way of speeding things up to a rapid pace and then slowing down to a near halt. Every morning, Pregalinas awake to a new set of challenges, some days you wake up feeling not even pregnant and others you feel like you should just stay in bed. The progress of our nursery has suffered due to the later and my third trimester has announced its presence rather loudly.
After deciding the location of the room, we had a lot of demo work to do just to prep and clean for a new human. First, we decided to remove the carpet. A lot of parents we surveyed recommended carpet because it helps block out sound, on the other hand it traps germs and can increase allergies. We decided the current carpet had to go either way. Ripping out carpet is extremely satisfying however not great for a pregnant back, hence the slow-down on the nursery. We found decent hardwood underneath, which has several blemishes and is pretty scuffed up. We opted to paint instead of the expense and time of refinishing the floor or allergy-inducing carpet. We are going with a simple white lacquer but through my research I came across some great ideas for painting floors. Like, Catherine Weis’s patterned floor in Craft magazine.

Next, what color? Picking out color is quite the process. We are not finding out the gender of the baby, so the easy pink or blue doesn’t apply. And even if we did find out we aren’t the type of people that go with pink or blue, just because. We have of course had a few hunches and dreams, fortune cookies, about the sex of the baby but we are trying to stay neutral. We decided to go with a Martha Stewart color, Cake Stand Blue from Lowe’s. It is a blue violet color that can stretch to be boy or girl. Here is an example from the Lowe’s paint palette selector tool that was helpful. The blue and white are correct, but the accents haven’t been decided.
We have decided on the furniture, which was an amazing task. This was a very difficult process. Our deciding factors: modern design, safety and cost, not in that exact order. We surfed high and low, felt deflated by all of the baby-crazy retail outlets, wanted something different and after swallowing our (mostly my) pride we found our crib at Wal-Mart. They have a new line, Baby Mod, which is only available online and can be direct shipped to your home or local store (this is the free option). We decided on the Baby Mod Olivia crib and changing table. It has great reviews and it really was the only modern crib we’ve found at a modern price.
We are still working out the linens and fabric for the room, but to date here are a few things we are looking at:
Now all we have to do is finish priming, paint, put together the furniture, decide on fabrics and get sewing!
Part I: Finding the Right Space
Part II: Design Inspiration
Part III: Decisions and Doing

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