Nursery Needs: Design Inspiration

Once you’ve identified the space, and tucked away all of the other goods that needed a new home… the fun begins. If you are like us you probably started to think up your dream nursery way before you did the dirty cleaning job, because it’s more fun. Right? So to give you an idea of where we are coming from here is a before shot of the nursery (above).

It may already look kind of like a nursery because of the blue walls, alas it isn’t. The previous owners had painted it this way and well we hadn’t gotten to it yet.
Where to begin? It’s typical in our style to decorate by finding things that we love and transforming our house around them. We’ve found that in nursery decorating that doesn’t always work, mostly because of timing. You have to get so many things all at once and you have a limited time to find them. And because we are on a limited budget, which I have already blown, and we like to do things ourselves but really lack the time, and now my belly is now in the way; jumping off the cliff and just getting done seems the best approach. Aside from all of those factors, where do you begin?
Side note: We are not finding out the baby’s gender, until their birthday. Recently, we’ve realized this is a huge roadblock in finding décor, bedding, clothes, but continue we continue to hold strong to not finding out the sex. If you know the gender, congrats your job just got a lot easier.
Lots of places will say start with bedding. In the world of babies and nurseries bedding and linens are a huge deal not only in color/design, but also in cost. One of the major factors: bumper pads. In my case, being married to a pediatrician, we aren’t buying bumper pads for safety reasons. According to they don’t really protect your baby and could be hazardous. That really limits us on the idea of starting from the bedding as folks like Pottery Barn suggest. It does save money not having to buy a whole set. We are taking the route of buying sheets and then making the dust ruffle and curtains, etc.
We moved on to being inspired by other’s work and ideas. Really great places for inspiration:
Ohdeedoh: specifically, the top nursery tours. This is the apartment therapy for kids. Great ideas, but they don’t always mention the specifics that we needed like furniture companies, etc. Still a great place to begin.
Domino: not a kid’s site, if you search for nursery, a few pop up. Beautiful unique spaces and lots of details on where to find the goods.
Etsy: this is a great site for a lot of things, but really good for kid’s fabric and bedding that is unique.
We’ve decided on a modern safari theme. Our inspiration…
Part I: Finding the Right Space
Part II: Design Inspiration
Part III: Decisions and Doing

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