Oscillating Multi-Tool Roundup

dremel-multimax-tool-review.jpgA friend who is an avid DIY enthusiast, recently shared his love for his new oscillating power tool. He has the Fein Multi-Master which I had the opportunity to test at the International Builders’ Show a few weeks ago. It’s really been the only player on the market for some time and according to Toolsnob Fein’s patent on the tool expired and now new offerings from Dremel and Rockwell have become available and at a lower price.
Rockwell was certainly pushing their oscillating multi-tool at the Builders’ Show and had a board setup for attendees to cut out small squares with and take note of how quickly and quietly it operated.

rockwell-multi-tool.jpgThe great thing about these tools is that they are truly multi-functional and can be used for scraping, cutting, sanding and grinding. We used the Fein to cut right through a nail.
We reviewed the RIDGID JobMax Tool System which includes an oscillating multi-tool attachment that performs quite well as does the entire system which we recommend.
The Toolsnob compares three of the most popular oscillating tools from Fein, Bosch and Dremel and summarizes that any of these would be a great addition to your tool box. The most important point is that you get one.

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