Outdoor Kitchens from the 2010 Builders’ Show

If you are considering an upgrade to your outdoor BBQ and smoker there are a lot of options for building full-outdoor kitchens.
On display at the 2010 Builders’ Show were two offerings we couldn’t take our eyes off of. The KitchenAid outdoor kitchen collection looked very robust and was also feature rich. Their grills include a LED system that not only helps control cooking by timing foods on the grill but also lets you know when your cooking fuel gets low and how much remaining time you have left so no more playing a guessing game by rocking the tank.

Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens, is the first outdoor cabinet company to use bamboo that will contribute to credits under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® rating system. These outdoor kitchens are compatible with outdoor appliances such as Lynx, Vermont Castings, Summit and Marvel.

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  • lancehall

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