Paint…For Your Appliances?

A while back I looked into countertop paint for a more inexpensive way to change an aspect of my redecorated kitchen. I found myself then perusing the Rustoleum site, looking at all the different kinds of products they had to offer.
However, one stuck out to me in an odd way and has continued to leave me slightly befuddled. And that product is stainless steel paint for appliances.
At first, I thought it was ingenious. According to the product page, you can get their appliance epoxy, and then slap this stuff on your outdated fridge, dishwasher, or oven as an inexpensive way to update some major aspects of your kitchen.

Upon more thought, though, I really wasn’t sure how I felt about such a thing, and for mainly one reason — deception.
See, I’m at a time in my life where I know a lot of people who are buying homes for the first time, and being young, often a must-have is the inclusion of appliances (because we don’t have them and don’t really have the money to completely outfit a place). In that regard, how many times when you see a place advertised do they play up the stainless steel appliances?
But what if they weren’t really stainless steel, just painted to look it? Where’s the liability in that — is it the seller’s responsibility to notify the buyers that the appliances aren’t truly stainless steel, or is it on the shoulders of the buyers to ask such a seemingly ridiculous question? Or, if you do paint your appliances, does that obligate you to take them with you to your new place? Or could you be liable to replace the appliances if you leave painted ones behind and are found out?
Also, if a place doesn’t come with appliances, I know many people turn to Craigslist for a deal. How would a painted-to-look-stainless appliance fare there? What’s the best way to go about selling a painted appliance, and would some of the same liability and honesty concerns be applicable?
Not to mention, how could painting your appliance possibly change — or even negate — your warranties (not only for the appliance, but for things like homeowners or renters insurance or house warranties)? Could you call a customer service line and get a direct answer, or is my guess as good as yours?
But don’t get me wrong here — I do love a good stainless steel item. In fact, most of my countertop appliances are black and stainless because I love the look. Just when it came down to replacing our fridge, we couldn’t swing all the amenities we wanted, so we gave up on the stainless (because that mattered less than say, a freezer that didn’t short out before every major holiday, or even less than an in-door ice dispenser) and went for a nice glossy black.
Did I momentarily think about slapping this paint on my pretty fridge and calling it a day? You bet. The thing is, we haven’t fully paid it off yet, and that seems like a pretty big (and irreversible) mistake to make if I were to decide I hated it.
For me, this one doesn’t sit as well as the countertop paint — it smacks less of a design upgrade and more of the old bait-and-switch. What do you think — would you risk it and paint your appliance for your dream aesthetic, or just save up for the real thing? How do you think some of these disclosure situations could (or should) be best handled? Please let us know in the comments!

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