Paradise Lights by Leighton Lam

We recently returned from a visit with family and friends in Hawaii and had the pleasure to meet Leighton Lam who is the designer/artist behind Paradise Lights. Leighton is a Hawaiian native but spent time in New York during the 80’s honing his artistic skills and now has 30 years of experience designing Hawaiian jewelry as well as interior and exterior lighting pieces.

His motivation for Paradise Lights stemmed from a lack of finding true Hawaiian decor on the islands. Most home design in Hawaii is derived from Asia, specifically Japanese and Chinese design. Leighton coined the term “A Hawaiian Sense of Place” and his exquisite pieces definitely fit the bill.
Our company goal is to bring a warm feeling of Aloha to your environment, using Hawaiian floral and ocean artwork cut into pure copper, highlighted with true patina vertigri, and illuminated through etched high strength glass. Copper will age and survive over time like no other metal, withstanding salt air and constant exposure to the severest climates; gradually changeing to a rich natural burnished tone. This aged look makes copper the best choice for exposed exterior metal surfaces.
If you are seeking true Hawaiian island decor for your home that is tasteful and not tacky then check out Paradise Lights.

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