Plan Your Dream Space Virtually

One of the hardest parts about nearly any home renovation project is deciding what goes where. Whether you’re planning a space from the foundation up, or just trying to think of new ways to arrange your living room, thinking spatially can cause major headaches (as well as backaches from moving all that furniture).
Well, thanks to FloorPlanner these arduous tasks just got a whole lot easier.

The site is free to use, although you do need to register (however all they require is an email address and a password). With the free Basic account, you can design and save one house. If you upgrade to the Plus package for $29/year, you can make up to five. They also offer Professional and Enterprise levels for all of your floorplanning needs.
I decided to give this site a whirl after seeing it mentioned on one of the great DIY blogs out there, Young House Love in a recent post. I’m always looking for tools to help me organize the chaos of our home renovation, and this seemed like a great way to corner some of my creative energy.
Don’t let the site fool you though — I easily spent a good half an hour navigating the site’s tour, tutorials, and forum posts to get the full hang of it. The site can definitely bring out the inner architect in anyone, and I totally believe it could be used in professional applications.
After all my studying and trial and error, I created that rough guideline of my kitchen up there, and was pretty proud of myself. The site is very easy to use once you grasp the basics, and it’s a tool I plan on using in the near future for my own house plans.
How about you, do you have any awesome online tools to help design a room? Here’s a list of Top 10 Virtual Room Planners.

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