4 Secrets to Roll Up Awnings

If you’re looking for shade in the yard, there are a few options to consider. Roofing structures, patio umbrellas and pergolas are all possibilities. But roll up awnings will provide extensive coverage when you need it and can be tucked out of sight when you don’t.
Is an awning the right product for your home?
Fabric awnings come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, from bold stripes and prints to pastel solids. You can easily find something that compliments your home and patio furnishings. Be sure that the choice is something you can live with for the long run – you may not want that red striped awning after your fascination with the bistro look has faded.
Roll up awnings are versatile. When you want shade, you either crank them out or push a button and let the machinery do the work. Same for light rain protection. There are certain limitations though.

You shouldn’t roll back a wet awning. Let it dry for 48 hours or so, so that mold and mildew will not have a chance to grow. The mechanisms can get stuck, will need regular maintenance and may be slower than you want. Cranking a large awning in and out can get old really fast.
Fabric awnings are not water proof, they are water repellent. If there is a heavy rainstorm, the fabric will become saturated and so will everything underneath it. You should always roll back an awning during strong winds.
High quality awnings have a solid construction, good warranties and easy care fabric. Make sure you can wash the unit, that the manufacturer or installer will make any necessary service calls and that everything is in good working order before they leave the job site.
Investigate the different makes and models of roll up awnings. Contractors will need to visit your home to quote an accurate price, as each awning is customized to the particular application. Do your research and be confident in the dealer and product you are investing in.
If roll up awnings are the thing for you, enjoy the summer in the shade.
photo courtesy of flickr/gailf548

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