Protect Your Rooms When Painting with Zipwalls

When you are short on workspace and must work in environments that are sensitive to dust or paint particles you have other options besides covering everything with tarps.
Check out the Zipwall which is a temporary barrier that can be fastened in a variety of ways and will keep all dust particles within the enclosed space. The enclosure is sealed with zippers which provide much more protection than clips and tape. Having a barrier makes job cleanup much easier as it keeps all dirt in a confined space. They can be easily installed by one person and the zipwall poles have other handy uses.
photo courtesy of Zipwall

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  • Thanks for the writeup on Portland. I visit these locations every weekend searching for fun stuff. The Rebuilding Center is the true gem. You can easily find lumber for a project or siding for your 1890’s bungalow or a window sash that matches your 1940’s Tudor. I recently recycled some tongue and groove cedar into a garden structure to grow squash.

  • ttf

    Another good resource in PDX is Shurway building supply. While they don’t sell reused lumber, they sell quite a number of seconds, especially sheetgoods and plywood. You can get a really good deal if you are willing to use what they have available.

  • timisword

    I’d like to take this moment to give a shout out to Kennedy Rentals. As a homeowner doing a massive remodel, we’ve had to go to Kennedy time and time again to rent scaffolding (we have some right now) jackhammers, and a few other tools. Plus, when you go into his office to visit, he’s almost always got a parrot on his shoulder.

    • How can you say no to someone with a parrot on their shoulder. Kennedy is a great addition to this list.

  • For those interested in learning to sew, try PDX SEAMSTERS DROP-IN SEWING STUDIO in SE Portland.

    Learn to Sew and make your clothes in our 1000 sqft work room with a seasoned pro on-hand!