Protect Your Home with the Doorzipper

Thanks to a tweet from one of Kansas City’s local television stations, I discovered an alternative to deadbolts and locks that’s made right here in the Kansas City metro area.
The Doorzipper uses two interlocking metal strips, installed in the door and door jamb, to create a tightly woven seal that the manufacturer says “can’t be forced, pried or defeated. This interlocking design stands guard, providing a state-of-the-art mechanism that can’t be bumped, picked or forced. With the Doorzipper in place, the wall or door will fail before the Doorzipper is ever compromised.”

Choose from two varieties of the Doorzipper, partial or full, which can also be installed with an electronic configuration that’s fully automated. Prices start at $276.95 plus installation. The Doorzipper is compatible with many types of doors, including outswing, inswing, double, steel, wood, fiberglass and extra-tall.
Photo courtesy of PR Web

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