Radiation and Radon in Granite Countertops

Besides the ubiquitous nature of granite countertops and almost boring combination of granite and stainless seen in kitchens everywhere, there’s another reason you may wish to reconsider granite countertops.

According to this article from the New York Times, there have been a number of reported cases of granite countertops releasing high levels of radon and radiation into homes. Most radiation experts agree that granite countertops release very low levels of radiation that is typically nothing more than the other types of radiation we are exposed to on a daily basis, but there have been some instances where the readings are off the charts.
Where to Find Tests and Testers
TO find a certified technician to determine whether radiation or radon is emanating from a granite countertop, homeowners can contact the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (aarst.org). Testing costs between $100 and $300.
Information on certified technicians and do-it-yourself radon testing kits is available from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Web site at epa.gov/radon, as well as from state or regional indoor air environment offices, which can be found at epa.gov/iaq/whereyoulive.html. Kits test for radon, not radiation, and cost $20 to $30. They are sold at hardware stores and online.

[via The Kitchen Designer]

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