Rate My Space

Shelter website redesigns continue to rollout and HGTV.com is just the latest. The clean and easy to navigate site has a feature that is particularly interesting called Rate My Space. It seems like a mashup of Hot or Not and Digg, whereas you can upload your own photos of a room and users vote on whether they like it or not as well as add comments on each photo. The “most viewed” and “top rated” remain on the main page.
We think this will be a popular application that involves the community and allows people to share and receive feedback. Keep an eye out for more of these type of features from other sites.

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  • In fact this new feature is like HotorNot for rooms, and comments can be useful for ideas, and improvement.
    More and more people in these days build applications like these, but I’m curios if this will be a success or not.

  • I love HGTV and didn’t know about this new “space”. Glad you posted about it.
    It’s not another My Space build your own website community. It is a space for homeowners to share their ideas and best of all critique others.
    Don’t we all just love to give our opinion! 🙂

  • Tracy Melton

    I LOVE this picture! Is there any way I could see more of the space or more of the house?