Reader Question: Refrigerator Seal Leak

A reader recently submitted the following question regarding their refrigerator seal not functioning properly. We’ve encountered this issue a lot and in times of saving energy, making sure our appliances are as efficient as possible is paramount. We’ve tackled this issue before in this post, Refrigerator Gasket Replacement, but hopefully our other readers can help him out.
My refrigerator has two visible places where the old, dry, rubberish seal is not firmly, flushly, sealed… the rubber seems bent and warped at one place near the bottom opening corner, and one on the top, oddly it seems somehow lower than it should be – leading directly into the inside of the ‘frige – so it’s not just that the seal is’nt flush against the outer perimeter, the holes lead directly inside to where it’s cold.

The refrigerator runs fine, but I’m guessing this seal problem wastes power, and my food gets condensation! I can’t tell if cold air is getting out, I think i felt some, but I don’t know if that’s just the bottom of the ‘frige letting out coolness or what…? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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