Refrigerators Still Not Self-Cleaning, That’s Your Job

The Wall Street Journal recently raised an interesting point. Why don’t we clean our refrigerators more?
According to them most Americans clean their fridges only once or twice a year. Yes, we’re guilty as charged but it seems to be an case of ignorance is bliss because if we really knew how easily bacteria can grow we’d clean out that sucker at least once a month.
Many manufacturers are taking steps to combat this issue as they understand that American’s don’t like cleaning their refrigerators nor do they like smelling old meat or dealing with unsightly spills. Seems like a contradiction.
Whirlpool has devised a shelving system that contains spills much easier and Sub-Zero has decided to educate consumers an instructional card that shows the various regions of the refrigerator, from “coldest” to “cool,” and gives tips on how long certain foods should be stored. It also indicates which foods should be allowed to ripen on the counter before being placed into the refrigerator (pears and avocados are examples).

Viking has taken it a step further and released a built-in model (priced from $6,600 to $8,800) that contains Sharp Electronics Corp.’s Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier. The device, located at the top of the fridge, generates positive and negative ions that break down bacteria, mold and mildew and claims to kill 99% of the bacteria in the fridge.

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