Remove White Caulk from Kitchen

This homeowner just had a new granite countertop installed but unfortunately the contractors used white caulk instead of clear to seal the countertop to the back wall of the kitchen. The caulk has already cured so they’ve decided to take a razor blade to the white caulk to remove it but a commenter has gone the extra mile and provided a great how-to for removing the caulk.

Before starting to hack away, get some cardboard and sheet plastic and blue painters tape and tape off the counter, to protect it and to make clean up easier.
First step is use a utility knife and cut into the caulk at 45 degrees, cutting through the caulk into the drywall below the top of the counter and below the wall line.
Second use a single edge razor blade across the top edge of the backsplash of the granite. Buy a box of a 100, as they will not go very far)The backsplash is too wide to use a utility knife blade without bleeding all over your counter. Use these to cut the caulk loose from the backsplash. You should end up with a ribbon of caulk, that will come out in one piece.
Third use a blade (either or) to score the drywall paper just above the caulk line on the wall. As lightly as possible to keep as much integrity of the drywall intact.
Fourth use the razor blades left from step 2 to cut the caulk from the wall edge to below the level of the backsplash. You want to try to just cut the paper lightly, so the wall repair area is a small as possible.
Remove the wall caulk and see what you have left. Scrape whatever remains off with your blades.
Fifth (Open The Window) use either denatured alcohol or Goof Off on a small sponge or cotton ball to soften the remaining silicone from the backsplash top. Try not to get the drywall wet. Nothing will dissolve cured silicone that you can buy readily, unless you like working with real toxic compounds. When you have the silicone off, let it dry for a bit.
Sixth use a sharp putty knife to remove any remaining blobs of silicone sticking to the wall.
Seventh, remove the debris, dust and bits of stuff, remove the cardboard and plastic you used to protect your counter and gently wipe down the granite.
Take a break, stop swearing and calm down.
Eighth, Put down some fresh plastic on the counter. take your blue painters tape and tape the backsplash covering it just past the back edge. Here you want to try to get the wall edge just below the surface of the granite edge. Put a second layer of blue tape over the first piece not quite to the wall.
Ninth, we need to spackle the wall where we cut the silicone out. My personal choices are ‘speed set’ drywall compound, or DAP pink spackle. Mix, apply, let dry. Using the fine side of a foam sanding block, sand it flat. The second piece of blue tape protects your backsplash as you sand.
Tenth, prime and paint the wall. Let dry.
Eleventh, take a utility knife blade and carefully cut the tape off the backsplash as close to the wall as you can. Remove the tape carefully by tugging it off at an angle so the wall edge is a point as you remove it. Touch up any boo boo’s.
Twelfth, It is silicone time. This is probably a job for one of those small tubes of silicone.
Cut the tip on an angle and practice on the inside of a cardboard box to get a feel for your coverage and flow rate. You do not want to have to use your finger to wipe down the silicone.
Caulk it, clean up and treat yourself.

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